Monday, January 28, 2013

Vera Valenti Palette Review + FOTD!

Hey guys!

To kick off my great catching-up-course, here's a post I've been wanting to finish for ages; a review + face of the day using the Vera Valenti eyeshadow palette from the August Glossy Box (summer .. *sigh*). Enjoy!!

I'm Alive!

Hi girls!

Just giving you a quick update, to let you all know that I'm still alive and breathing. Lately I've been very busy at uni so I've been neglecting my blog pretty badly. I have two exams coming up this week, in a few months my three-month research internship will start and inbetween I'm taking two courses that'll have me making exams every two weeks, so my life isn't about to get any less stressful. Sadly. Anyhow, I will be trying my best to plan some fun posts for you guys, but in the meantime, let me give you some sneakpeaks into what you can expect to encounter on my blog in the upcoming weeks.