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My name is Linde and, as you may have guessed, I am the owner of this blog. I started this whole thing very recently and I'm still searching for the perfect balance when it comes to pretty much every aspect of blogging (how to spread the word, posting as much as I can without it affecting my school/social life, the exact topics I want to discuss, blah blah). But I'm enjoying every second of it!

So let's cut to the chase: Who am I, and why did I start this blog in the first place?
Like I said, my name is Linde, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm a psychobiology student at the University of Amsterdam. I spend a lot of my spare time on researching, practicing and enjoying make-up and beauty, because I'm very intrigued by the huge impact it can have on someones personality and confidence-level and basically on society in general. It's amazing what a soultry smokey eye, a natural glowy face or an extreme avant-garde look can do to a person. So that's the main reason why I turned out to be the huge make-up and beauty obsessed maniac I am today.

So enough digging in my make-up history for now. Let's talk blogging. In march 2012 I decided to set up Beauty by Linde, because I feel like I have a lot to say when it comes to makeup, beauty and lifestyle. I post product reviews, DIY's, tips and tricks and in addition I love showing the world what inspires me (think make-up artists, photographers, models or just random awesome stuff). I'm very motivated to make this blog known to and loved by a widespread public, so please share and like, leave a comment saying what you liked and also what you think I should do differently, and I would love you to follow me on bloglovin' if you want to be the first to read my posts.

That'll be all! Enjoy!


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