Saturday, June 9, 2012

INGLOT Summerlook: The Finals!

Hey guys!
Past wednesday, all the waiting finally came to an end: It was the day of the Inglot Summerlook finals in Amsterdam. The moment we - my friend and I - arrived, I immediately began drooling all over the place, feeling like an overenthousiastic crazy person among civilized, politely mingling public. All the colors were absolutely stunning and I almost died trying to control the urge to swatch everything. After a few minutes I thought I'd visit the bathroom before everything started and once again my timing skills didn't let me down: When I walked back into the store, three women ran my way to drag me to the room where the models were, because I had already missed the entire opening speech. How typical.

Anyway, from that moment on, everything went by very quickly. Each model was randomly assigned to one of the finalists. I was very pleased with mine: she was beautiful, the make-up looked stunning on her and she was very sweet and fun to work with. Next, it was time for my favorite part of the day: We were sent into the store to pick up anything and everything we needed to recreate our look. I felt like I'd won fifteen minutes of free shopping. *sigh*

When we felt like we had all we needed, we went to the models' room downstairs and started working our asses off. We had about an hour to complete the look, and at first I was extremely nervous that I wouldn't have enough time to finish and that it wouldn't turn out the way I had in mind, also because I'd never worked with Inglot before. Luckily, everything ran just perfect and the products - especially the eyeshadows - were very easy to work with. I enjoyed it so much and I was madly satisfied with the end result. 

 The members of the jury were Nikkie de Jager (
Nikkietutorials), Mascha Feoktistiva (Beautygloss) en Christel Mijers (House of Orange); three women who have accomplished a lot in the make-up and beauty industry. The moment that the judges were going to announce the winner, is definitely in my top three of most nerve-wrecking moments ever. My heart was beating like crazy and reached its absolute maximum the second I heard that I was the runner-up! I'm so thankful that I had the oppertunity to participate in this contest and that I got to work with four very talented make-up artists, five gorgeous models, the members of the jury and of course the Inglot team. Overall the Inglot Event was a huge success and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. :)

For a more detailed report on the final ranking of the finalists, you can visit
, which is a blog set up by a very ambitious twelve-year-old girl who was also present at the event. 

Enjoy the photo-impression below!

P.S. Special thanks go out to my friend Nadine, who was my mental support for the day! I had a great time girlie!

The four following pictures are by Kim Kemper, the photographer that day.
Me working on my model
The hairstylist, Mika a.k.a. the Beautifier, who could fix the most stunning hairstyles in under 5 minutes!
Here, the runner-up had just been announced (me yay :) and Jennie (left) is doing her victory dance!
Everyone but the jury :)


  1. Oh wow, great job, Linde! I LOVE the makeup you did on the model. The colors are masterfully chosen! And the shop, and the shop! Wish we had Inglot in Belgium!

  2. Thank you so muchhh! Ja echt een heeerlijke winkel was het, ik keek werkelijk mijn ogen uit! Zou daar wel aardig wat centjes kunnen spenderen haha :)

    Bedankt voor je reactie! X

  3. Naa ik denk ik bekijk even de rest van je blog ook en ik heb je een keer in Amsterdam zien lopen joh! Of je hebt een dubbelganger dat kan ook haha ;-) Het was op de avond van de deze wedstrijd. Wat een toeval dat ik op je blog terecht kom, leuk zeg:D