Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to mend a broken ... compact!

Hi guys!

So, a while ago I ordered a Make-Up Studio palette filled with different blush colors. A couple of days later I heard an ominous thump coming from my front door, after which my mom called me to say that one of the blushes hadn't survived the blow. I almost cried when I found out that it was the hot pink one, but then I remembered the magic trick I'm about to show you. This method is very quick and simple (and even quite fun to do) and it doesn't affect the quality of your compact whatsoever. After this, you're gonna want to break all your compacts just so you can fix them again :)

All you're going to need:
  • Your compact;
  • Something like a toothpick/small spatula
  • Rubbing alcohol (I used a 96% one) and something to transfer small amounts of this into the pan (think pipette/syringe). You could also use something less precise if you're not clumsy like me.
So let's start mending!

Step 1.
Use a small, thin instrument to mash up any large chunks of product, so that you're left with something as close to a loose powder as possible. I'm using the tweezers shown below to do this, but you can use anything similar you have lying around.

Step 2.
Carefully drip/pour some of the alcohol into the pan, using your spatula to mix it together with the loose powder. Keep doing this (very slowly, if you don't want things to get messy), until the substance becomes kind of pasty and goopy.
You want to try to keep the amount of alcohol you use to a minimum, because then it won't take as long for all the alcohol to evaporate, and it will make the end result even more flawless. However, don't worry if you add too much, it won't change anything about the quality of your final product.

Step 3. 
Now, lift the pan slightly and very gently drop it a few times. This will make sure that the goopy substance will get a supersmooth surface, ensuring that your fixed compact will look as good as new when finished.

Step 4.
Patience :) All that is left to do is wait for the alcohol to evaporate. Just to be sure it's all gone, leave it to dry overnight. Nobody wants to end up rubbing alcohol in their eyes.

So there's your end result! Quite convincing right? The consistency didn't change at all, it's still as soft and pigmented as all the other blushes in this palette.

I hope you found this quick trick helpful! My first tutorial is coming soon, so stay tuned for that, and I hope to see you at my next blogpost!



  1. wow, this is awesome! never knew that.

  2. I know, right! It even works better than I would've expected :)