Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make-up Artist of the Month: Alex Box

Hi guys and welcome to part I of my Make-up Artist of the Month series!

Over the past few years I've encountered so many amazingly talented make-up artists while browsing magazines and, of course, YouTube; people I'd never even heard of before. Their work is SO inspiring and creative and I think it's such a shame that those people are only known within the beauty industry (and sometimes not even there!), even though the biggest celebrities would look like crap without them. So I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite make-up artists with you guys, people from all over the world who can work absolute make-up miracles.

Today, prepare yourself to be stunned by the work of Alex Box, the creative director of Illamasqua Cosmetics.
Starting off as an installation artist, she eventually found her way to make-up and began to "explore the relationship between art, science, nature and the magical". She's done everything a make-up addict can dream of, including publishing countless editorials in Japanese, Chinese, British and Italian Vogue, and working for various huge brands, magazines and designers like Versace, Chanel, Elle Magazine, and many many others. As the creative director of Illamasqua, she's been able to do everything there is to do when it comes to experimental make-up, and she does it like no other. She's done some amazing work for Illamasqua's Human Fundamentalism campaign, which basically states that make-up is for everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or sex.

The other artwork she does for photoshoots or publications in books and magazines is not the least bit less inspiring and crazy. Using post-its, toothbrushes, shuttlecocks and other unconventional attributes, she creates the most outstanding works of art. I really think this is what make-up is all about :)

Human Fundamentalism (yes, those are pieces of a shuttlecock on her head)
Human Fundamentalism
Human Fundamentalism

Alex Box finds that out of all her work, the picture on the left describes her personal style the best.
It is kind of sinister, yet feminine and elegant at the same time.
In these photo's the models aren't actually wearing any make-up. Alex hand-drew the designs on the actual printed picture. She started
doing this quite randomly on a picture of a bare-faced model that she saw in a book, not knowing it would turn out to be such a success.

So that's my story on the amazing Alex Box, thanks for stopping by and I hope this post made you fall in love with Alex's work as much as I already have!


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